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Renew Your Wows! Seven Powerful Tools to Ignite the Spark and Transform Your Relationship

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Jeffrey Sumber

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“Renew Your Wows: Seven Powerful Tools to Ignite the Spark and Transform Your Relationship” was written to help us thrive in the places so many of us get stuck. With a significant focus on enriching our personal journey to understand both our conscious and unconscious motivations in partnership, this is less a relationship “diet” book of “do this” and “don’t do that” and more about a deep awakening.
“This is the relationship book we’ve been waiting for! Jeffrey has masterfully drawn from his decades of work with couples as well as his own relational experience to weave this brilliant, workable manual for any and every couple, in any phase of their relationship. His words are encouraging yet pragmatic, including manageable, empowering steps and exercises that will enrich and enliven every relationship, all deeply rooted in the empathy and care of the author. The real-life stories and humor embedded in Renew Your Wows provide a clinic in relationship wisdom. We are fortunate to have Jeffrey among our relationship experts. Through this book, you can trust him to guide you and the one you love through your journey. You’ll return to it often.”

Dr. John Duffy

Author of the #1 best-selling The Available Parent and resident relationship expert for The Steve Harvey Show
“I highly recommend this book to my clients, friends and people I mentor because it facilitates an even more amazing life! If you’re needing a little help with your relationship, this is your first stop. The companion workbook is worth its weight in gold and makes the ideas and exercises come to life in such a way that you really can’t resist introducing some shifts into your life.”

Scott Armstrong

Author of Boston Marathon or Bust and Founder of Boulder Coaching Academy
"Renew Your Wows will wow you into a greater understanding of yourself and your relationship while also giving you the tools and techniques you need to bring back the passion, playfulness and excitement you're missing together. I warmly recommend it to all my clients, mentees and friends who are longing for deeper and more rewarding connections. The seven tools in this book will lead you through great transformation, not only in your close relationships, but in the rest of your life as well!"

Marthe Hagen

Life coach and author of Feeling Good When Life is Hard

Is it possible to read a book about relationships and come away feeling like your life, your entire existence, just changed?

IMG_2897Harvard trained psychotherapist and relationship pioneer Jeffrey Sumber says YES!!!

“Your life is meant to be poetry. The way you feel when you just fall in love with someone is the way you’re meant to feel about yourself when you wake up each morning.”

Imagine a pill developed to cure insomnia that winds up being an amazing solution for weight loss?

Renew Your Wows: Seven Powerful Tools to Ignite the Spark and Transform Your Relationship was written to help couples address challenges and yet it also serves to revitalize us as individuals!

With a significant focus on your personal journey to understand life and love, this is less a relationship “diet” book of “do this” and “don’t do that” and more about a creative lifestyle change. A change that comes with helpful ways to shift one’s perception of the “facts” and concrete tools with which to make life work better day by day. However, it is left to the reader to decide where they are and what they want to do in order to create the life and the relationship they long for.

“Psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber has written a wonderful, well-informed, and immensely helpful guide on how to realize the full potentials of intimate love. I highly recommend this book for those who are committed to taking their relationship to the next (and then the next!) level of happiness and wholehearted wellness."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Bestselling author of Calling in “The One”
"Renew Your Wows offers potent practices that help couples shift the conflicts of relationship past cycles of blame and resentment into mutual insight and shared empowerment. In this focused, no nonsense guide, Sumber manages to help couples rekindle the depths of their love of self and of each other."

Galen Fous MTP

Renowned sex researcher and author of Adult Sex Ed for 21st Century Sexuality (Fall 2015)
"Jeffrey Sumber has captured the essence and potential simplicity of being in relationship with others, transcending our learned habits of blame, judgment, and ‘make-wrong’ of others close to us. In a real way, Jeffrey lives from his heart. An 18-year old Native American woman once told me, ‘Everything in life is about relationship.’ Jeffrey and his writings affirm this."

Dr. Bruce Scott

Psychologist and acclaimed author of Being Real and Free the Children

Most of the time, life inside the world of a couple is wonderful.

There are beautiful memories full of giggles and winks, passion, and binge-watching afternoons. Still, there are few experiences in life that can leave us feeling as powerless, and as stuck, as our relationships. Whether it’s the silent treatment, the bickering, the months of trekking through the sexual tundra, or, that personal favorite, the “F**k It!” button where we simply say, “what’s the point, let’s just end this here and now,” relationships are not easy work.

Regardless of whether you’ve been together a month or an eternity, we all need a sense of renewal in our meaningful partnerships. But here’s the good news- you don’t have to suffer in the Soup any longer than it takes to read this book. Renew Your Wows takes us on a journey of self-discovery that invites a shift in the way we relate to the people in our lives. Renew Your Wows takes months of intensive individual and couples counseling and offers the highlights!

Renew Your Wows teaches us:

  • To identify and reclaim the Self
  • To determine the relational landscape we have created and see whether our paradigm indeed meshes well with that of our partner
  • To learn how to Respond instead of React to a vast array of circumstances
  • To learn how to differentiate needs from expectations and establish an effective way to communicate that doesn’t invite a defensive reaction from our partners
  • To create a structure for general communication with friends, family, co-workers and yes, our partners, that is conducive to joyful living and mutual respect
  • To establish a set of protocols that help us plan our responses and keep exchanges clean and kind
  • To separate Facts from Feelings in our daily discourse in order to understand how we need to be heard as well as truly hearing others
  • To know when a relationship no longer serves us and to make a change happen with respect, kindness and peace

Purchase your copy of Renew Your Wows today and receive a FREE downloadable Action Guide that brings the ideas and exercises to life!

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"The first time I met Jeffrey Sumber I had the great pleasure of witnessing he and his beautiful wife mindfully meander and intermittently giggle through the labyrinth here at the Sacred Garden on Maui. When I read his book, it all clicked. Here is a man who is both playful and wise, open and conscious, and that is how Renew Your Wows comes across to the reader. The process of renewal that Sumber maps out for us is profoundly beautiful because it is an authentic reflection of life and the winding path it sometimes leads us through deep into our relationships."

Eve Eschner Hogan

Author of The EROS Equation: A Soul-ution for Relationships and owner of Heart Path Journeys Retreats on Maui
"I have had the pleasure of learning about relationships and intimacy from Jeffrey for several years now and what inspires me most about him, his work and this book, is that it is authentic. HE his authentic. He doesn’t pretend to know it all or have it all figured out, because the truth is we all need to find our own paths. I found mine, partly in and through conversations with him - and made the decision to leave a 12 year relationship. Now I am in the process of exploring and re-defining what I want and need from a partnership and these tools no doubt form part of my learning and journey to being a more authentic lover and partner, getting ready to fall in love head over heals once more."

Jana Schuberth

Founder and Director of Alive in Berlin, international coach, teacher and digital nomad
“Jeffrey Sumber has created a practical, heartfelt book that gives shape and guidance to that which so many of us seek: Manifesting and keeping a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves and someone else. Drawing upon his own and others' personal experiences, Sumber has created an excellent guidebook that uses real life situations and examples that you can relate to while providing enough space and creativity for you to make it work in your own life. Keep this on a low bookshelf because you'll be reaching for it often!"

Dr. Frankie Bashan

Lesbian matchmaker, psychotherapist and relationship coach
“Renew your Wows is one of those books that forces us to look deep within and ponder the places we lost sight of Love’s passionate embrace. The difference here is that Jeffrey Sumber shows us the way back to that alchemy. It is a beautiful, awakening journey.“

Arjuna Ardagh

Author of Better Than Sex and founder of Awakening Coaching
“There are so many books about doing relationships 'right' yet so few of them focus on doing "you" right first. Jeffrey Sumber understands that the foundation of any healthy couple rests in healthy individuals. Renew Your Wows takes us on a journey of self-discovery that is both powerful and hopeful. This is the best 'self-recovery' book I've read in a long time.”

Michelle Phillips

Author of The Beauty Blueprint, TV personality and radio host
“Jeffrey Sumber brings clarity to the morass of modern coupledom. His solutions are compassionate and wise.”

Pamela Druckerman

Author of Bringing Up Bébé