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Jeffrey Sumber, MA, MTS, LCPC

IMG_2897Jeffrey Sumber, MA, MTS, LCPC is a licensed psychotherapist, relationship consultant, motivational speaker, life coach, ceremonial officiant and educator. Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey has lived all around the world including each time zone of the United States. He spent the past two decades studying relationships, consciousness, personal transformation, self-worth and empowerment.

Jeffrey has been practicing as a licensed professional clinical counselor for almost twenty years and specializes in working with amazing people who are struggling to live their best life and find their truest expression of happiness. While receiving several degrees from highly reputable programs, he has been most influenced by the people he has worked with in the process of facilitating their healing. Jeffrey is refreshingly practical, solution-focused and always professional while maintaining a compassionate, balanced demeanor. This helps many clients feel at ease and comfortable as they embrace their personal work. Incorporating a combination of alternative and conventional methods, he strives to create a safe, effective path for clients as they navigate toward the resolution of current and longstanding issues.

Selected experience and credentials

Jeffrey received degrees from Colgate University as well as Southwestern College before attending Harvard University for an advanced degree. He also had the opportunity to live and study in Zurich, Switzerland at the prestigious C.G. Jung Institute in 2005. Jeffrey had the privilege to study with some of the brightest teachers in the field of psychology and relationships of the past twenty years including Wayne Dyer, Harville Hendrix, Irvin Yalom, Sue Johnson, Arnold Mindell, and Lawrence Stibbards. Mr. Sumber recently began advanced studies through the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

His experience includes work with individuals and couples, engaged premarital counseling, performing marriage and commitment ceremonies as well as a “past life” as a behavioral therapist, crisis team leader, mental health community liaison, and even as an advisory council member for Senator Tom Cullerton. He is licensed both in Illinois and New Mexico. Opportunities to teach have taken him to National-Louis University, Stanford University, Colorado State, and Oregon State.

With degrees in political science, theology and transpersonal psychology, Jeffrey came to understand that beneath all of the wisdom of the world exists the most basic foundation of life, our relationships. He served as an associate professor of psychology at a local Chicago university before completely devoting his time and energy to work more closely with individuals and couples and to develop his unique approach to relationship transformation.

Jeffrey strives to support both men and women in their journey to uncover the path to deep renewal, empowerment and a sense of abiding joy in and out of relationship. His main message is that we are all capable of loving and being loved once we liberate ourselves from the distorted expectations and projections that keep us stuck.

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