40 Years and One Revolution Short
25 Nov 2010

40 Years and One Revolution Short

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Well, today’s my birthday. 40. Wow.

I suppose as a kid I figured 40 would mean something. It seemed so old, so up there…

And yet, here I am. And well, it doesn’t mean much. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my birthday. Each year, I love to celebrate myself, my birth, my annual rebirth and the recognition of another cycle that has passed. However, the numbers? Well, they feel rather arbitrary. I only tend to compare myself to people in terms of their age when I am feeling bad about myself for something. Something akin to the notion that perhaps I have not lived up to my potential thus far.

Jesus accomplished so much before he was 34. In fact, he accomplished so much that people wanted him dead for all that he had done in 33 years. That’s impressive, no?

John Lennon died when he was 40 and he was a Beatle, for God’s sake. He was John Lennon, man. Imagine that. He was gunned down just a few blocks from Strawberry Fields Forever.

Martin Luther King Jr. died at 39. He had dreams just like me, but somehow he was able to mobilize a generation and well, yeah, um, they killed him for that.

Each of these role models changed the world, lived revolutionary lives and catalyzed paradigm shifts on the planet, all before they were 40 and they all wound up dead.

Now that I’m here, I suppose the idea that “I have plenty of time” seems a bit foolish. On the other hand, staring at the long list of my personal heroes leads me to wonder whether it is so surprising that I’ve been slightly resistant to changing the world. Everybody ends up dead. Seems like in order to make a profound difference on the planet, the price to be paid is often one’s life. Hmm.

Maybe I can still get something important accomplished and just squeeze under the radar, body, mind and spirit intact. Perhaps that is a worthy goal in and of itself: Develop a new paradigm where changing the world leads to respect and positivity without the desire to snuff out the messenger. I’m on it.

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4 Responses to “40 Years and One Revolution Short”

  1. Reply Tweets that mention 40 Years and One Revolution Short « Beyond Concrete -- Topsy.com says:

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  2. Reply Nicole says:

    Happy 40th!! not even middle-aged *grin* a good decade to go ;p Hope you have an awesome day.


  3. Reply Deanna says:

    I feel compelled to respond, since I, too, am turning 40 next week, and feel the pressure of this midlife milestone. I didn’t realize MLK was so young when he died – the worth of his years so incredibly huge; we all pale by comparison.
    Not many are capable of such feats, but we can be inspired, as you say, to make a difference in our own worlds, in perhaps smaller ways.
    Happy Birthday!

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